This map shows residential segregation by country of birth groups for three largerst cities in Sweden. The map was created by combining digital maps of buildings with data on the total number of people of each group in neighbouhroods. Digital maps of buildings are from Lantmäteriet , aggregated counts for neighbourhoods (SAMS) are taken from Swedish register data at the Institute for Analytical Sociology.

Generating random poins from aggregate neighbourhood counts was done in R. For interactive mapping I used Processing and Python to generate map tiles - this was done by adopting a script developed by Brandon Martin-Anderson and Peter Richardson and described by Dustin Cable.

Western group includes: European countries including Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans, Russia and the Soviet Union, United States and Canada.

Non-Western group includes: Asia, South and Central American, Africa, the Middle East.

This map was created by Juta Kawalerowicz

Country of birth
Western countries
Non-Western countries